Restricting Availability of Order Types

Order Types in Boppl

Order Types can be turned on and off in Order Setup

Collect Standard collection order for pick up ASAP
Scheduled Collect Collection order with a pick up time provided by customer
Table Service Customer enters table number, venue staff deliver to table
Delivery Customer enters address, venue staff deliver to address


Restricting Availability of Order Types

As standard, any order type above that is enabled on your venue will be available for the duration of the trading times set in admin. There may be cases however, where you want to restrict the availability of certain order types. 

You can specify limited timeslots for certain order types in the 'Availability Hours' tab of the Trading Times section. Simply enter the start/end time for each day, and this will ensure the order type is only available within those times. This is most commonly used to limit delivery to busier periods for lunch and dinner. 

Important ❗❗

Once you add a restricted availability timeslot for a certain order type to any day, the system will automatically lock it off on all days that do not have an availability timeslot entered.

Ex 1: Delivery available 5pm-8pm Fri-Sun ONLY, unavailable at all other times

  • Add 5pm-8pm availability timeslots to Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Monday - Thursday do not need availability timeslots. If blank, delivery won't be available on these days. 

Ex 2: Delivery available 5pm-8pm Mon-Fri, available all day Sat-Sun

  • Add 5pm-8pm availability timeslots to Monday - Friday
  • Add availability timeslots using the same open/close times as the venue trading hours for Saturday and Sunday (this will ensure delivery is available throughout the entire day on the weekend)
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