Adding & Changing Your Venue Info

Need to add or edit some of your venue details? No problem. 

  • Go to 
  • Go to the VENUE INFO section, under Profile
  • Add or edit info as necessary
  • Hit 'Save' once you're happy with the changes

Below we've outlined some important pieces of information that can be updated on this page: 

Contact Email This should contain the email address for the venue's primary contact person. This will be used for our weekly and monthly performance report emails, and other important email alerts regarding the venue.
Tax Number Put your ABN in here and it will appear on e-receipts sent to customers after they order at your venue. 
Venue Thumb  Please upload a logo for your brand/venue (not a photo). This will be used on e-receipts for customer orders. 
Venue Banner Please upload a photo showcasing either your venue or the food/drink offering. Do not use images with watermarks, logos or text over the top. This banner will be used in the venue list within the app. 
Category This will be shown in the venue list within the app. 
Default Product Group This determines which "tab" of your menu the customer lands on when they first open it in the app. Options are food, drink or miscellaneous. 





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