Configuring Trading Times


This section will give you information on setting up the trading times for your venue. Your trading times are used to determine when your venue appears as "online" or accepting orders in the app. If your point-of-sale is integrated with Boppl, your POS status will also impact venue status in the app (more info for Kounta venues here). 

Boppl allows you to configure standard trading times Monday through Sunday, along with special trading times that can be configured for one-off future dates (useful for holidays, or days you might have a function or event on at your venue). 

NB: Boppl Admin works best in Google Chrome


Configuring Standard Trading Times

  • Go to the Trading Times section of Boppl Admin
  • Under the Trading Hours tab you will see slots for each day of the week
  • Create an entry for each day that you operate
  • If you operate split-shifts (eg. morning/evening), simply add two entries for the day in question (or as many as you need)
  • If you don't open on a certain day, simply leave it blank


Configuring 'Special' Trading Times

If you have holidays or special events which mean you won't be operating to your standard times on specific dates, you'll want to configure some Special Trading Times


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