Removing and Setting Products to out of stock

In this section you can find out how to remove Products that are no longer available or temporarily out of stock products.

Out of stock

This setting is used for when you have run out of a certain product, but it will be available in the near future

  • Click the "Menu" tab, and select current menu
  • Select the Product which is out of stock
  • The product modal will appear 
  • Click the "In stock" slider at the bottom of the modal so it becomes "Out of Stock"
  • Remember to Save
  • Just do the reverse to bring it back into stock, It's thats simple!

Removing products

This setting is used for when a product is no longer available and your venue will no longer be serving it in the near future

  • Click Menu
  • Select the Product which no longer available
  • Click the Remove Button
  • And the product is gone!

 N.B. You can also out of stock products via the venue dashboard or using your Epos System (Depending on what system you use)


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