Setting Up your EposNow system for Boppl

Before you Add your EposNow system to Boppl you will need to configure your till with individual products (E.g Americano, Latte, Machiato) and Notes or Multiple Choice Products (Modifiers) for these to give you and your customers the most hassle free ordering experience.

  1. Log into your EposNow account
  2. Click Management
  3. Click Products 
  4. If you need to add new products to allow generic groups to be split up please do so using the "New Product" button
  5. Identify the products that will need Notes(Options with no extra price e.g Steak cooking degree or a spiciness option) and/or Multiple choice products(Priced extras to a product e.g Extra Burger Patty, Add Guacamole) and create these from the "Multiple choice notes"/"Multiple choice products" categories - Only one set of multiple priced Notes and Products can be assigned per product meaning all the options for a product will have to be in these groups.
  6. Assign these newly created modifiers to the correct products.
  7. For additional help on creating and assigning these modifiers please contact either Boppl or EposNow 

Once this is finished it's time to Connect your Account to Boppl.


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