Accepting and Processing orders

This section will show you the stages of accepting and processing orders through Boppl.

  1. When an order arrives you will be presented with a ticket on the dashboard, this will show the customers name and the products they have ordered including all modifiers
  2. When you are ready to start the order press the "Start" button
  3. The order will now show on the customers phone as in progress and the ticket will update to show the Order number at the top of the ticket and a notify button at the bottom of the ticket
  4. When the order is ready press "Notify customer" a new modal will now appear, prompting you to notify the customer, if this is correct press "Notify"
  5. The ticket will again update to show the "Close order" button
  6. When the customer has arrived and showed you the code on their phone match this up with the ticket code
  7. Once the customer has received their order press the purple "Close order" button
  8. The order is now finished 

Learn how to Refund and Call the customer to the counter 

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