Accessing your Reports

This section will show you firstly how to access your reports and secondly what kinds of reports you can create:

  • Log into the admin console and click the Reports tab
  • In the left hand column are the report types that can be created, these are:
    • Sales Reports
    • Statistics Reports

Sales Reports:

Sales reports are designed to give you all the base information you need from your sales, including:

  • Gross revenue ( Total)
  • Gross revenue + tips added (Order Total)
  • Net Revenue (Total Revenue)
  • Net Payment (After stripe fees)

There are 3 kinds of sales report you can produce these are:

  • Sales by Day (Showing all sales over a range of days)
  • Sales by Month ( Showing all sales over a range of months)
  • Sales by Order (Showing each order on an individual day including Order code)

Statistics Reports:

These reports are designed to show you some more depth information regarding your customer base and their orders. The information includes:

  • Sales per Gender
  • Sales per Device type
  • New vs Repeat orders
  • Sales by age group
  • Sales per hour by product group 

The two types of report you can produce are:

  • Sales per Hour per Product Group
  • Sales Statistics 


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