Handling Boppl Orders in Kounta POS


Prepaid Boppl orders will arrive directly in your Kounta POS so your staff can handle them without needing to use any additional hardware or software. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to receiving and handling a prepaid Boppl order. You can also watch a video demo here


Processing an Order

New Boppl/mobile prepaid orders will appear in the Orders tab of your Kounta POS.

Whenever there is a new order waiting, the Orders tab will flash with a count showing how many new orders you have, and an alert sound will play. Tap the Orders tab to manage your new orders.

The orders screen shows all orders that are in-progress or awaiting to be accepted. Boppl orders will appear clearly, with the 4-character code and customer name included. Tap the order to open it in the POS. 

You can now see details of what products have been ordered in the POS. You can choose to Accept or Reject the order. You're in control. 

Accept Reject
Customer is notified the order has been started and an order docket will print (as per your Kounta printer configurations) Order is refunded and customer is notified that you are unable to make the order. Refunds can take up to 7-10 working days to be processed. 


Once you Accept the order, the order actions will change to Send and Ready. You can now go ahead and prepare the order as requested. 

Send Ready
If you'd like to serve a new customer over the counter, you can press the Send button to hide the Boppl order. When you're ready, return to the Boppl order via the Pending section in the Orders tab.  Tap this once the order is prepared. The customer is notified their order is "now ready to collect" (Takeaway), or "on its way" (Table Service / Delivery). 



Now you've handled your first Boppl order you're ready to take many more!

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