Connecting Epos Now PoS

In this section we will take you through how to connect your EposNow system to Boppl, so that you can receive orders from Boppl directly to your EposNow.

Boppl App - EposNow

  • In your EposNowHQ account click on Apps and search for "Boppl"
  • Add this Application to your EposNow Account - This will set up your EposNow account to accept Boppl orders
  • If you do not have master products on your account click the button to enable all products to become sell on web, if you do you will have to enable this manually for which products you wish to be on Boppl.
  • You will be shown the API Token for your account - Please copy this as you will need it to connect your account

Boppl Admin - Connecting your account

The First stage here will be to create your Boppl venue - Please see the "Signing up to Boppl" Help page

  • Within the Boppl Admin Console Click on the "Profile" Tab and "Epos"
  • Click on the 'Epos Integration' slider to enable it 
  • Click the drop down that appears and select "EposNow"
  • Click "Connect to EposNow"
  • A pop up window will appear
  • Enter the API token that was given to you on the EposNowHQ 
  • Select your tender type to "Boppl"
  • Select the Staff member as "Boppl"
  • Select "No" for "Preparation status enabled" 
  • Enter the Approximate wait time for the customers order to be readied
  • You'll now connected the next step will be importing your menu

Now its time to Import your menu.

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