Import Product Matching

For the imported we pull in values for the Import Name and Product Category from either your PoS or spreadsheet our importer will try to best match either an existing Venue Product you may have or one from our global library.

Change Product Match:

If you would like to change the product match, do so by selecting the product and then using our dropdown. 


The list will display products from your venue indicated by the little  venue icon to the right, if that product also includes a description the info icon is displayed too. Venue products will always appear at the top of the results.


Create New Product for Match:

You can create a new product by hitting Create Product from the dropdown. We will pre-fill any relevant information from the import.


Edit Product Match:

If you would like to change the product category of an already matched product just use the  edit icon to popup the product modal and change category from there.




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