Accepting orders on your Epos Now Terminal

In this section we will show you the process of an order appearing, being accepted and processed on your Epos Now system.

To accept live orders to your EposNow system through Boppl you will first have to Set Trading times and Set up a Stripe account - this is Boppl's payment service through which all order funds will be transferred. Once this is performed you're ready to take your first live order. 

  • When an order is placed through Boppl, the order will appear as a notification on your EposNow terminal, the globe above your unhold/history will change in number and flash red. Tap the Unhold/History button to view the order.

  • The orders screen shows all servers on the system, tap the "boppl" server and view the order - Here you will see any orders, the time they were placed, the amount paid and the customer name.

  • Once you have selected the ticket, you will be able to see what has been requested with the order,including the order code at the bottom of the order rundown
  • Click on the notes section if available to see any notes on products
  • Click Pay/Edit when you're ready to pay or if you need to refund 
  • Press Unhold/History to put the order on Hold on the account which is currently logged in

  • Now you have pressed Pay/Edit you have the choice of Readying the order with "Pay" or refunding the order with "Delete"
  • If you choose to ready the order you will need to select "Boppl" as the tender type on the bottom left of the terminal
  • At this point the customer will be notified their order is ready to collect - Link the Order code supplied with the order with that on their phone


Now you've accepted your first Boppl order you're ready to take many more!

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