Creating Promo Codes

You may at a point in time want to offer your customers discounts through Boppl - to do this you will need to use the promo code section of the Admin Console.

  • Open Boppl Admin and go to the Promo Codes section
  • Click + Add Promo Code
  • Build the promo code (* is required)
    • * Description
    • * Code (alpha-numeric only, maximum 8 characters)
    • * Discount Value Type (percentage or fixed value)
    • * Discount Value
    • Start Date & End Date 
    • Restrictions (various options)
    • Restriction Value
  • Activate the code so it can be used (you can activate and deactivate whenever you need)
  • Click Save Promo Code

See example below showing a promo code to offer $5 off orders which can only be redeemed once per customer, and can only be redeemed by a maximum 1000 customers. 

If you ever have any questions about the best way to run a certain type of offer, please get in touch!

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