Import Modifier Matching

The importer will use the Modifier Name and if supplied the Modifier Category Name to always try best guess any existing modifiers on your venue for our auto matcher. 

Change Modifier Match: 

If you would like to change the modifier match, do so by selecting the modifier and then using our dropdown. 

  The venue icon means the Modifier and Modifier Category is already in use by the venue.

 This thumbs up icon means the Modifier Category is already in use by the Product selected for import.

The list will also display the category the modifier resides in that dictates how customers selection rules. I.e. if that modifier sits in a category that overrides the price of product or has a min or max selection of modifiers available. You can see that information after the modifier category name.



The options available to you will change depending on specific conditions. If we're trying to match against No Modifier we will always only show you modifiers from a category that override the original price of a Venue Product.



If there is a Modifier Name to match on we will only show you modifiers that adjust the price and none that override the price of the product. If your PoS supports override price on a per modifier category basis we will respect that and only show you modifiers that do too respect this.


Edit Modifier Match: 

You can alter the modifier name or the category it sits in by hitting the  edit icon to popup the modifier modal and change the details there.


Create New Modifier for Match:

You can create a new modifier by hitting Create Modifier from the dropdown. Here you can choose a name and category for that modifier, to create a new modifier category see next section.


Create New Modifier Category for Match:

You can create a new modifier category by choosing Create Category from the modifier category dropdown. You need to provide a name and modifier category limits of minimum and maximum selections, these are limits set in the customer app when ordering.

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