Configuring 'Special' Trading Times


Once you've set up your standard trading times you might want to set up some special times for future dates where your regular hours don't apply. You can use this for things like public holidays (or bank holidays in the UK), or even on days where you might have one-off special events. 

When creating the special hours, you can indicate that the venue is completely closed that day, or you can enter restricted/adjusted open and closing times for the day. Once applied, the standard trading hours will be overridden by the date-specific special trading time (on that date only). 


Configuring Special Trading Times

NB: Boppl Admin works best in Google Chrome

  • Open Boppl Admin and go to Trading Times
  • Click the 'Special Trading Hours' tab
  • Click 'Add Time' and fill in the details
  • Be sure to save each entry once you have entered the date and times
  • Create as many as you need, whenever you need

Hint: If the date picker shown below does not appear, enter the date in text as YYYY-MM-DD

See examples below showing entries for complete closure on Christmas Day and Australia Day, along with some limited hours of operation on Boxing Day. 

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