Preparing Your Kounta Menu for Boppl


If you're hoping to offer mobile ordering to your customers, you will need to consider the following when building/updating your Kounta menu. Allowing customers to order and pay in advance means a certain level of detail needs to be provided to them around what they are ordering; this info needs to live within your POS. 

Read on for guidance on best practice menu setup in preparation for mobile ordering. 


Supported Menu Attributes

To provide a great in-app experience for your customers, Boppl requires the use of certain menu attributes of Kounta. 

Click the links below to see more detail in Kounta's support documentation. 

Boppl Supports 👍

The basic building block of your Kounta menu. 

Product Variants
Set variations of your menu items to capture the most common options. Each variant exists as its own product in your POS but they are grouped under the common base product. Their most common use is for offering SIZES (eg. coffees)

Product-Linked Option Sets
These are sets of modifiers (changes to products that generally would not be ordered on their own) grouped into useful sections/categories. Option Sets allow rules to be set for things like minimum and maximum number of selections which controls their use in your POS and in our mobile apps. These are useful for options such as milk type on coffees, or for adding/removing fillings on a burger, for example. 

Boppl Does Not Support 👎

On-Screen "Unlinked" Modifiers
These are the most basic form of modifiers and appear in your POS in the same way as products; floating on the main screen. They are actually products (with a setting applied to make them behave as modifiers). Boppl does not support these modifiers as they are not linked to products and do not support rules; this does not allow for a seamless in-app menu setup / ordering experience. 


Structuring Your Menu

Using Hot Drinks as an example category, we will outline the ideal structure of your products to support mobile ordering. 

The Process

  1. Create base Products (eg. Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, English Breakfast Tea etc)
  2. Create and add Product Variants for sizes (video / docs
  3. Create Option Sets for things like milk choice or sugar (full list below) (video / docs)
  4. Link Option Sets to the appropriate Products (video)

Suggested Hot Drink Option Sets

Option Set Options Rules Notes
Milk Full Cream
Lactose Free
No Milk
Min 1 Max 1

Be sure to include Full Cream (for customer clarity) and No Milk (for Tea, Long Black etc). Avoid linking this Option Set to products that never need milk, like Espresso

Strength Strong
3/4 Strength
1/2 Strength
Min 0 Max 1  
Temperature Warm
Extra Hot
Min 0 Max 1  
Sugar & Sweetener 1/2 Sugar
1 Sugar
2 Sugar
3 Sugar
1/2 Sweetener
1 Sweetener
2 Sweetener
3 Sweetener
Min 0 Max 1 Note that there is a button for each quantity. App users cannot tap 'Sugar' multiple times to add several. Buttons are needed for each quantity.
Syrup Caramel
Min 0 Max -  
Other Drink Options

Extra Shot
1/2 Full
3/4 Full
Dash of Milk

Min 0 Max -  


What Now?

Use the attributes mentioned above to ensure the rest of your products/categories are setup in a way that will support a mobile ordering experience. 

Once your whole menu is updated...

If you have not added your venue to Boppl already, you can go ahead and do that by enabling the Boppl add-on in the Kounta marketplace and following the prompts. You can read more about the initial venue setup and menu build process here

Already have your venue added to Boppl? Great! All you need to do now is sync Boppl with Kounta so that the updated setup is available in the app. Read more on syncing Boppl with Kounta here

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