Enabling Boppl & Creating Your Venue via Kounta


In this article we will provide a quick explanation of what happens when you enable the Boppl add-on in Kounta. This will kick off the creation of your venue profile in Boppl, along with your initial menu build in Boppl. Read on for more detail on these processes. 


Enabling the Boppl Add-On 

Go to my.kounta.com/addon/boppl and click 'Enable Boppl'.

Follow the prompts to grant access and "connect" your Kounta to Boppl. This will allow two important things to happen automatically; the creation of your Boppl venue profile and your Boppl menu setup. 


Automatic Venue Creation

Once you grant Boppl access to your Kounta, some basic venue info will be used to create your venue profile in Boppl (venue name, address etc). 

More detail can be added to your venue profile at any time by signing in to Boppl admin: admin.boppl.me 

  • Logo for use on e-receipts sent to customers
  • Banner Image for featuring in the app
  • Trading Times
  • Order Configurations (order types, restrictions etc)
  • Billing & Payment Info (for receiving order payments, and paying your Boppl subscription)


Automatic In-App Menu Build ✨

Boppl will automatically build your app menu when your Kounta POS is connected to Boppl. Initially the app menu will include everything from your POS exactly as-is. This is because Kounta includes all categories, products and modifiers in their Online Products section by default. 

You probably have products/categories in your POS which shouldn't be shown to customers, and perhaps a few products that aren't named very clearly or lack descriptions/images. This is why it's important to review your Boppl menu after the initial setup. 


Reviewing Your In-App Menu 

After the automatic menu build is completed you will want to go and review the menu to see if any changes are required. You can review the menu setup via Boppl admin (if you'd like your venue to appear as "Coming Soon" in the Boppl app, so you can review the menu there, please ask one of the team). 

Things to review: 

  • Customisations: Do your products have all the appropriate options for customers to order how they want it?
  • AvailabilityShould any categories/products/modifiers be removed from the online menu?  
  • Names: Should any category/product/modifier names be improved for customers?
  • Descriptions: Any products missing descriptions?
  • Images: Any products missing images?


Changes to Your In-App Menu

Need some help understanding how your Kounta menu should to be setup for mobile ordering?
Preparing Your Kounta Menu for Boppl 

Need to make some minor adjustments to availability, names and descriptions?
Refining Your In-App Menu with Kounta 

Completed the above and need to sync Boppl with Kounta?
Syncing Boppl Menu with Kounta



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