Managing Your In-App Venue Status


Here we will explain how your Kounta POS status is used to determine whether your venue is able to accept orders via Boppl.

Customers reporting that your venue is showing up as OFFLINE in the app? Please read on to understand what can cause this and how to resolve it. 


Venue Status Explained

A visible venue will appear with one of three statuses. These are explained below.

Venue POS is online and customers are able to submit new orders. 



Something is preventing Boppl from communicating with the POS, so new orders cannot be submitted.  



Venue is launching soon, but the menu is not ready and/or the venue does not have an active subscription. 


Controlling Your Venue Status

There are two things used to determine your in-app venue status. 

1. Trading Times

The trading times you have configured in Boppl admin are the first thing the app uses to determine your venue status. These should be updated if you change your hours of operation, to ensure your venue is online when it should be, and so the correct times are displayed in-app (current day times are shown, as you can see in the image above).

2. POS Status

Within your configured trading times, Boppl polls/checks the status of your POS to determine if it is able to receive online orders. This is the most common cause for venues being offline in the app when they should not be. In order for Boppl (customers) to send orders to your Kounta POS, the POS must be ready to receive them. This requires the following: 

POS terminal must have internet connectivity (WiFi etc)

If you don't have internet Boppl cannot send customer orders to your POS, so your venue will be marked as offline. Once your internet connectivity is restored, your venue status should be updated within 1-2 minutes. 

Kounta app must be running in the foreground

Using other apps on the tablet you run Kounta on will cause your venue to go offline. We cannot send new orders to your Kounta POS when it is not active/running in the foreground. We would strongly advise against using other apps regularly; each time you do this your venue will be offline for several minutes which can really add up over the course of a day. 

Tablet screen must be awake and unlocked

If your tablet is automatically locking or going to sleep, this will also cause your venue to go offline. It's effectively the same as using another app; Kounta app must be active/running on the device in order for Boppl to send new customer orders. Use your device settings to disable auto-lock and sleep mode. 

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