Syncing Your Boppl Menu with Kounta


In this article we will explain how to sync your in-app Boppl menu with your Kounta menu. 


Keeping Your Boppl Menu Updated

The data from your Kounta POS flows through to Boppl in a few steps:

1. Your Kounta POS Menu

  • This is where you maintain ALL menu items, primarily for use in the POS.
  • Your menu needs to be built in a certain way to support mobile ordering.
  • Read our guide on Preparing Your Kounta Menu for Boppl


2. Your Kounta Online Products Menu

  • Once your base menu is prepared for Boppl, you should then refine it for customer display.
  • Hide products/categories that customers should not see, and add customer friendly names. 
  • Read our guide on Refining Your In-App Menu with Kounta


3. Sync Boppl with Kounta

  • Once you've taken care of step 1 and 2, you will want to sync Boppl with your Kounta.
  • This will happen AUTOMATICALLY at the start of each day when your POS comes online. 
  • You can also force a sync at any time via Boppl admin
    • Sign-in to Boppl admin
    • Go to the Menu tab and navigate to the IMPORT MENU screen 
    • Click 'Import From Kounta'
    • Your Boppl menu will be updated using the latest Kounta data



4. Review In-App Menu

  • ALWAYS review your menu in the app after making changes in Kounta and syncing.
  • If something is not appearing the way you thought it would, feel free to contact us for assistance.


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